The Company

GenXys Health Care Systems provides safe, effective and personalized prescribing options to consumers and health care professionals.

GenXys uses a Personalized Medicine approach to develop individualized treatment recommendations by incorporating your genetics and self-reported information with the most up-to-date clinical evidence. Personalized medicine is changing the face of healthcare and has the potential to reduce costs of healthcare as well as improve both patient and provider experience.

GenXys was formed in 2014 by a professional team of academic, biomedical, and technical experts with the vision to create improved health outcomes by enabling the personalization of medication prescription decisions utilizing pharmacogenetic testing and a decision support tool.

We now are a team of nine employees including experts in evidence-based health care, project management, laboratory management, human genetics, pharmacy, software development, and business.

The technology is licensed from the University of British Columbia.

Executive Team

Martin Dawes
CEO, President, Co-Founder

Head of the Department of Family Practice, UBC. Past Director of UK Centre of Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford.

Diana Ross

Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, UBC. Project Manager, Department of Family Practice, UBC.

Mark Gelfer

Family Physician and Clinical Assistant Professor, UBC
Founder and CMO of VSM MedTech.