The Company

GenXys provides safe, effective and personalized prescribing options to consumers and health care professionals.

GenXys uses a Personalized Medicine approach to develop individualized treatment recommendations by incorporating your genetics and self-reported information with the most up-to-date clinical evidence. Personalized medicine is changing the face of healthcare and has the potential to reduce costs of healthcare as well as improve both patient and provider experience.

GenXys was formed in 2014 by a professional team of academic, biomedical, and technical experts with the vision to create improved health outcomes by enabling the personalization of medication prescription decisions utilizing pharmacogenetic testing and a decision support tool.

Our team includes experts in evidence-based health care, project management, laboratory management, human genetics, pharmacy, software development, and business.

Our Team

Mark Gelfer – MD

Dr. Mark Gelfer has more than 20 years of experience on company creation as founder – CMO (VSM MedTech) and product development and commercialization (BpTRU). He is a family physician with a keen interest in innovation of clinical practices and over 30 years of medical experience. His practice is focused on preventive medicine.

Martin Dawes – MB.BS, MD, FRCGP
CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Martin Dawes is a world expert in primary care who combines research and clinical practice with over 30 years of experience. Following the completion of his PhD, he helped develop a Masters program in Evidence Based Health Care. He has directed the UK Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine in Oxford and was the head of family practice at McGill University and the University of British Columbia.

Diana Ross – MSc, MCSP

Diana Ross was one of the leading visionaries behind the establishment of GenXys. She has an MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care from Oxford and is a clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia. Diana is a successful epidemiologist running clinical trials and synthesizing the best evidence. She helps devise and develop the algorithms that drive TreatGx.

David McColgan
Information Technology Director

David has been designing and building IT systems for over 15 years in both the public and private sectors with a focus on health care. His career started in the NHS, working on clinical audit and decision support systems for diabetes, HIV, cardiac care and other specialities. In Canada, he has worked on systems for the PHSA, CRNBC and BBCSA.

Hagit Katzov-Eckert – PhD
Senior Scientist

Dr. Hagit Katzov-Eckert received her PhD in genomics from the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and continued her training in pharmacogenetics as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of British Columbia. Hagit has vast experience in evidence-based methods and genetic testing working in academic and hospital research institutions.

Adriana Suarez-Gonzalez – MSc, PhD
Customer Market Insight and Technology Transfer Manager

Adriana is passionate about genomics and a supporter of inclusive workplaces. With 10 years of experience in genomics, she facilitates the commercialization of groundbreaking research using marketing and market research tools. Adriana served on the SCWIST B of D, led the creation of the 1st genomics hackathon in Canada and co-founded an outreach program.

Andrea Paterson – BScPharm, RPh
Team Lead – TreatGx

Andrea is a practicing clinical pharmacist at an interdisciplinary primary care clinic in Vancouver. She completed her Bachelor of Pharmacy and post-graduate Community Pharmacy Residency at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and has specialized training in palliative care and chronic pain management. She also lectures in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine – Midwifery Program at UBC.

Martin Aloise – MSc
Research Assistant – Genetics Lab

Martin is a molecular biologist working on the genetic testing and evidence-gathering involved in TreatGxplus. Previously, Martin conducted research on the structure and function of nonribosomal peptide synthetases as part of the Schmeing lab at McGill University. He holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science, both from McGill.

Maryn Dempster – BScPharm, RPh
Research Assistant – TreatGx

Maryn is a Pharmacist with experience in multiple community practice settings. She teaches pharmacy students and participates in community outreach clinics. Before attending the University of British Columbia, she received a B.Sc. Honors Specialization in Genetics from the University of Western Ontario.

Paul Stanley – BSc, BMBS
Research Assistant – TreatGx

Paul is an international medical graduate from the University of Limerick with clinical and research experience in Ireland and Canada.

Sidney Ang – MSc
Research Assistant – Genetics Lab

Sidney is a graduate of the University of British Columbia’s Medical Genetics program. His focus at GenXys has been on assay development and validation.

Our Advisors

Karen Boodram – MBA

Karen has over 25 years of experience in senior roles for both the pharmaceutical industry and capital markets, focusing on commercializing new and innovative health technologies.

Sean Lumb – PhD

Sean has been supporting ventures from ideation to financing and company building for more than 15 years, primarily in the pharmaceutical, chemical and biotech industries.

Jillian Reardon – BScPharm, ACPR, PharmD, RPh

Dr. Reardon is a lecturer and pharmacist with the UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She has an active primary care practice through the UBC Pharmacists Clinic with research interests in the areas of innovative pharmacy practice and clinical teaching.

Penny Miller

Senior Instructor and Director, Community Pharmacy Residency, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of British Columbia.

Our Working Partners

THE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY SUPERCLUSTER has partnered with GenXys to solve some of the most pressing health challenges facing Canada and the world today.

LIFELABS has partnered with GenXys to offer pharmacogenetic testing in Canada.

University of British Columbia

THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA has licensed the technology


TELUS servers in Canada host our system in a secure environment

Our Supporters