Applications of GenXys Software

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Precision Prescribing

The lack of personalization in identifying effective and well-tolerated medications often results in unnecessary prescriptions, dangerous adverse drug reactions, and unsatisfied patients.

Pharmacogenetic testing (PGx) can help by looking at a patient’s genetic profile to understand how they are likely to respond to a medication. 

TreatGx, our medication decision support software, considers all relevant health variables, including PGx and drug-drug interactions. Then it provides medication options that are optimized for each individual, directly in the EHR. Evidence-based prescribing has never been easier.

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Pharmacogenetic Interpretation

Finding the best course of treatment for a patient can involve many things; pharmacogenetic testing is only one of them. Even more, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly how to incorporate the results of these tests into care.

Pharmacogenetic interpretation can take the uncertainty away.

GenXys’ products draw from a broad and deep pharmacogenetic interpretation expertise to find a medication and dose list that is personalized according to a patient’s PGx data and supported by the highest levels of evidence. Get the most out of pharmacogenetic testing with GenXys.

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Medication Therapy Management

As prescription plans grow in complexity, so does the difficulty in managing them. Polychronic patients on multiple medications present significant challenges for pharmacists, physicians, and Health Plans. Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a core feature of value-based care, but the process is time-consuming and does not scale easily.

There is a better way to do MTM.

GenXys’ software automates the medication review process. Our market-leading precision prescribing engine uses the highest standards of clinical evidence to help you conduct comprehensive medication reviews, fast.

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Population Health Management

Improving population health is a key aim that drives health care innovation. GenXys’ outcomes: prescription accuracy, a reduction in adverse drug reactions, and consistently appropriate prescribing. Together, these will have a profound effect on the health of a population.

See the big picture.

GenXys’ risk stratification tools help customize population health delivery, and aggregated data informs long-term resource allocation. Our solutions will help you address your healthcare cost burden while doing the right thing: implementing precision medicine, for a whole population.

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Drug Spend Reduction

Prescription drugs are driving the inflation of the cost of healthcare. Prices are rising, treatments are becoming more complex, and populations are aging. What’s more, many prescriptions are ineffective and unoptimized due to trial and error prescribing.

Avoiding and reducing unnecessary prescriptions should be just as easy as adding new ones. 

GenXys’ personalized medication software starts with a population-level look at medication usage, then deploys industry-leading medication management tools where they will have the clearest impact. Knowing where to deploy pharmacogenetics and cutting-edge medication management doesn’t need to be hard.

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Employee Benefits Plan

Millions of working days are lost annually due to productivity decline related to mental health, cardiovascular conditions, and pain. Altogether, this loss in productivity costs employers billions of dollars.

Maximize the return on investment of your health benefits with precision prescribing and pharmacogenetics. 

GenXys’ solutions will increase workplace productivity while improving the lives of employees by ensuring they get the right medications for their needs. Meanwhile, our risk stratification tools enable a targeted roll-out program for rapid return on investment. It’s a win-win-win: increase patient safety, improve employee health, and reduce health care costs.

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Real-time Pharmacy Benefits

Real-time prescription benefits (RTPB) provides pricing details and coverage info at the point of prescribing. It helps doctors find the most suitable medication for a patient’s health and budget, thereby improving both adherence and patient outcomes while reducing the need for prior authorizations. 

But providing value-based prescription decisions also requires consideration of the patient’s condition and other health information against the best clinical evidence. 

GenXys’ prescribing engine is interoperable with leading EHRs and pharmacy benefits systems, enabling the deployment of cutting-edge RTPB that is powered by our comprehensive personalized medication management software, TreatGx.

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