BC Tech Summit: Pushing the boundaries of innovation

BC Tech Summit: Pushing the boundaries of innovation

Last week, the annual #BCTech Summit returned to Vancouver breaking attendance records drawing in more than 9,000 participants to nearly a dozen conference events with over 270 exhibitors and more than 200 speakers. The two-day conference brought together the brightest minds who highlighted the technologies revolutionizing all types of industries such as innovations transforming healthcare.

Digital Supercluster: Innovations transforming healthcare

Ohad Arazi, VP and general manager of Telus Health Living Labs, provided insights into the supercluster’s precision health projects and innovations transforming healthcare. “Innovations in data analytics and visualization will transform health care delivery to be tailored to each person’s unique needs, circumstance, and genetics…We want to put the patient in the centre” said Arazi.

Estimates show that currently less than 0.5%  of data is ever analyzed and certain data such as genomics is not human readable by itself, we need technology to integrate this information into patient care.

The Digital Supercluster also welcomed Sue Paish, their inaugural CEO. As an industry leader and visionary, Sue Paish brings a track record of transforming industry with tech-forward solutions.

Data is the most important resource

Kicking off the two-day event, Jared Cohen, CEO and founder of Jigsaw, described how we will be defined by the ubiquity of technology and suggested that “Data is the new oil”. He described humanity’s future as moving from treating machines as assistants to interacting with them as dynamic consultants, where the machines proactively learn to predict needs and solve problems. In medicine, innovations transforming healthcare are helping health care providers tailor treatments not only to individuals’ genetic makeups but also their health information.


Premier announces tech and innovation investments

The provincial government is investing in tech-based research and advanced training opportunities in BC to help spark innovation, economic growth and new jobs in the province. Premier John Horgan unveiled plans to invest over $102.7 million in initiatives aimed at supporting the province’s tech sector.

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