Clinical Decision Support



Manage your conditions with personalized options

TreatGx starts by considering your condition; unlike any other system. By combining your genetics and health information with the best clinical evidence, TreatGx generates safe and effective medication options for you. TreatGx is constantly updated with new conditions and medications.

TreatGx detects potential interactions that could affect your health


People can be affected by many diseases at once, and sometimes the medication for one disease makes the others worse. TreatGx takes into account these interactions so serious drug-disease interactions are avoided. For example, a person with Type 2 diabetes and heart failure would not have the medication Pioglitazone appear as an option for treating the diabetes as it could make the heart failure worse.


Medications are metabolized differently depending on a person’s genetic make-up. This may cause the medication to be more or less effective and may require a dose adjustment or an alternative medication. For example, people with depression and certain genetic variants in a gene called CYP2C19 require reduced dose for Citalopram.


These interactions have a variety of effects on your body that could result in unexpected side effects and seriously affect your health. To avoid serious drug-drug interactions, TreatGx will generate medication options that do not have known interactions with medications you are currently taking. For example, some medications for treating depression have potentially serious interactions with ibuprofen (Advil), making you more likely to have internal bleeding. If you enter into TreatGx that you are taking ibuprofen, safer medication options would be generated.

Medication-Other Health Information

For medications to act safely and effectively within your body, they go through many different processes, all of which may be altered by your age, weight, liver and kidney function. For example, as we age medications may be excreted more slowly than normal and generate side effects. TreatGx adjusts the dosage and medication options based on your health information.

Our strong partnerships and rigorous scientific approach make us unique

Our team of physicians, pharmacists, geneticists, and epidemiologists use the highest level of evidence available to develop each treatment algorithm used in TreatGx.

The team is constantly reviewing new literature and all new evidence is considered and appraised. The algorithms that drive the software are altered if the highest level of evidence available is clinically significant and would change the treatment options.

All of the options offered in TreatGx are personalized for each individual based on genetics, health, medications and the best clinical evidence. TreatGx provides this information easily and quickly.