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TreatGx software provides support for the management of common medical conditions, such as high cholesterol, depression, and gout.

By combining your genetics with up-to-date clinical evidence and information that you enter, TreatGx generates medication options that are safe and effective for you. TreatGx has been developed to facilitate the shared decision-making process between you and your health care professional. With TreatGx, you are able to access and update your personal information while viewing the effect this has on medication options, thereby strengthening your ability to make informed decisions about your health.


How does TreatGx Work?

TreatGx uses the highest levels of evidence to identify personalized medication options that are safe and effective. The medication options are presented in an easy-to-read format with helpful information such as dosing instructions, and medication cost comparison. All of the options offered in TreatGx are personalized for you based on your genetics, health, medications, and other factors that are relevant to the condition and the medications used to treat it. TreatGx provides this information easily and quickly, making it well suited for use in a family practice clinic or pharmacy and in your home.

TreatGx software identifies, evaluates, and incorporates multiple potential interactions that affect medication options


These interactions have a variety of effects on your body that could seriously affect your health. They can cause reduction or enhancement of the effect of another medication you are taking and result in unexpected side effects. To avoid serious drug-drug interactions, TreatGx will generate medication options that do not have known interactions with medications you are currently taking. For example, some medications that are recommended as the first line choice for treating depression have potentially serious interactions with ibuprofen (Advil), making you more likely to have internal bleeding. There are alternative antidepressants that do not have this interaction, so that if you enter into TreatGx that you are taking ibuprofen the safer medication options would be generated.


These interactions occur when certain diseases or conditions are negatively affected by medications. People can be affected by many diseases at once, and sometimes the medication for one disease makes the others worse. TreatGx takes into account relevant diseases that would be negatively affected by the medication it offers. By doing this, serious drug-disease interactions are avoided. For example a person with Type 2 diabetes and heart failure would not have the medication Pioglitazone appear as an option for treating the diabetes as it could make the heart failure worse.


These interactions occur when a medication is metabolized differently depending on a person’s genetic make-up. Drug-gene interactions may cause the medication to be more or less effective and may require a dose adjustment. If the interaction results in a significant negative reaction, an alternative medication may be required. TreatGx incorporates this information to offer dose adjustments or alternative medications when these interactions occur.