FAQ about pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine

FAQ about pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine

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A behind the scenes look into TreatGx

What makes TreatGx unique?

Unlike other pharmacogenetic software, TreatGx helps patients and healthcare professionals identify which medications will be safe and effective for the treatment of conditions commonly managed in primary care. The software generates not only the medications but also the dose of the medications that are appropriate for the individual. These medications are based on the individual’s current disease state, their pharmacogenetic results, other drugs they are taking, other conditions they have, and how their kidneys and liver are functioning.

How is the latest and most relevant evidence incorporated into TreatGx?

Our team of physicians, pharmacists, geneticists, and epidemiologists use the highest level of evidence available to develop each treatment algorithm used in TreatGx. Each month, new literature is reviewed and all new evidence is considered and appraised. The algorithms that drive the software are altered if the highest level of evidence available is clinically significant and would change the treatment options.

Is TreatGx available in the US or other countries besides Canada?

Not yet. We have a license for Canada, and we envisage use in other countries in the near future.

A behind the scenes look into myPGx:

How many genetic markers are included in myPGx? And how are they chosen?

myPGx is a pharmacogenetic test that contains 60 genetic markers covering 37 genes such as the cytochrome P450s. These markers were selected based on the latest research and clinical evidence relevant to a primary care setting. Markers are included based on their effect on drug response or adverse drug events

What type of genotyping technologies are being used in the GenXys Laboratory?

The GenXys laboratory uses qPCR technology to detect the genetic markers. qPCR allows us to specifically target genetic markers of interest with high quality and accuracy without incidental findings. The individual’s genetic results are available in a report and are also integrated into the TreatGx medication decision support system to help identify safe and effective medication options.

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