Frequently Asked Questions

For Health Care Practitioners

What is pharmacogenetic testing?

Depending on your genetic makeup, some medications may work more effectively, less effectively or cause side effects for you. Our pharmacogenetic test detects genes that affect the way medications work within your body. Your genetic information can be used in TreatGx to help you and your health care professional select the best medication and dosing for you.

Can ancestry be identified with GenXys pharmacogenetic test?
No, GenXys testing has no incidental findings. Unlike other genetic tests, our test is designed only to inform your medication choices.

How does TreatGx work?

TreatGx generates medication options that are safe and effective for your patients by combining genetics and health information with the best clinical evidence. TreatGx has been developed to facilitate the shared decision-making process between you and your patient. With TreatGx, you are able to access and update your patient’s information while viewing the effect this has on medication options, thereby strengthening your ability to make informed decisions about your patient’s health.

Guide for Health Care Professionals

This guide includes a general introduction as well as the following information:

  • How to read GenXys pharmacogenetic test report
  • How to register and login to your account
  • Receiving an Invitation
  • Creating an account
  • Creating a new case
  • Accepting an invitation from a patient
  • Using TreatGx
  • Do I need a genetic test to use TreatGx?
  • Using the Medication Options
  • What conditions are included in TreatGx?

List of Abbreviations used in the TreatGx software
Here are some common abbreviations used in the TreatGx software.

BID Twice a day

TID Three times a day

QID Four times a day

HS At bedtime

q Every

q6h Every 6 hours

PRN As needed

STAT Immediately

PO By mouth (orally)

CD Controlled delivery

CR Controlled release

SR Sustained release

XR Extended release

XL Extended release

DR Delayed release

IR Immediate release

DS Double strength

EC Enteric coated

DPI Dry powder inhaler

pMDI Powdered metered dose inhaler

SC Subcutaneous injection

IV Intravenous injection

IM Intramuscular injection

IBW Ideal body weight