GenXys Health Care Systems Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round to Launch Leading Precision Prescribing Software in the US Market

GenXys Health Care Systems Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round to Launch Leading Precision Prescribing Software in the US Market

Vancouver, August 30, 2018. GenXys, a precision prescribing software company tackling a $130 billion global problem, is pleased to announce that it has secured $1.5 million in seed funding following early commercial success in Canada. This supports GenXys plans to expand into new regions to increase patient safety, medication effectiveness whilst reducing healthcare costs with its market leading precision prescribing software solution.

In response to increased demand for its precision prescribing solutions, GenXys Health Care Systems Inc., the Canadian-based precision prescribing software company, is announcing expansion plans into the USA followed by Asia and Europe. “We have a crystal-clear vision that every prescription, globally, will be powered by our software. Our capital partners support our mission of enabling society to benefit from truly personalized medications, rather than the current trial and error approach to prescribing” said GenXys CEO, Karl Pringle.

GenXys’ TreatGx software, capable of identifying optimal drug options for patients, helps employers and benefit providers reduce health absenteeism costs while improving productivity. Incorporating complex biophysical, drug, disease, and pharmacogenetic data, the software identifies optimal therapeutic options for the individual.

“By considering thousands of pieces of information using advanced computational analysis, our unique precision prescribing software helps find the right drug options, tailored precisely for each person, within seconds,” said Professor Martin Dawes, GenXys Founder and CSO.
GenXys has embarked on a number of ground-breaking initiatives to consolidate and enhance its market leading position as it enters the US market. Dr. Mark Gelfer, Chairman of the Board is delighted; “new partnerships, a multiyear product roadmap based on customer demand, and an expanded team of experts all supported by our capital partners will enable GenXys to build on its significant and sustained success”.

About GenXys
GenXys, with global headquarters in Vancouver Canada, provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions to solve healthcare’s most pressing challenges. TreatGx, the precision prescribing software and pharmacogenetic test can prevent adverse drug reactions, a leading cause of death, and personalize drug selection to increase drug efficacy. Powering every prescription globally with their software improves medication safety, increases drug efficacy and reduces healthcare costs.

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