GenXys Launches Precision Prescribing Program for Mental Health Company Appoints New Independent Director

GenXys Launches Precision Prescribing Program for Mental Health Company Appoints New Independent Director

Vancouver, BC, Aug 2021—GenXys Health Care Systems (GenXys), the award-winning precision prescribing company, today announced the rollout of a national program to tailor medication therapies for patients suffering from mental health conditions, in collaboration with health benefits provider Green Shield Canada (GSC). The initiative leverages GenXys’ evidence-based medication decision support tools with embedded pharmacogenetics to enable GSC members to ensure their drug therapy is optimized for their unique family history, genetic and metabolic make-up.

GenXys has partnered with GSC to offer eligible members a genetic test, coupled with decision support software, that helps healthcare providers make the best treatment decisions with personalized genetic insights, to improve prescription accuracy and reduce adverse drug events. “Fifty percent of drug therapies are ineffective due to missed interactions, wrong medications or incorrect dosing,” says Karl Pringle, CEO of GenXys. “This is particularly an issue with mental health conditions, as patients will often switch medications two or three times during a course of therapy due to low efficacy or challenges with side effects. Pharmacogenetic testing, coupled with real-time, condition-based decision support tools for clinicians, can eliminate this trial-and-error process,” summarizes Pringle.

GSC launched this new pharmacogenetic benefit earlier this spring and is now engaged with GenXys on the rollout of the program. “This endeavor is all about getting the right drug to the right person at the right time,” explains Mark Rolnick, Executive Vice President, Pharmacy Innovation & Patient Experience at GSC. “Our clinical research shows the need for more precise delivery of medication to optimize treatment response and improve patient outcomes sooner. As a social enterprise focused on making it easier for people to live their healthiest lives, the opportunity to collaborate with GenXys on this new program feels like a natural fit.”

GenXys also appointed veteran healthcare executive Ohad Arazi as an independent board member. Arazi brings a dynamic 20-year experience as an entrepreneur, public company executive, and CEO in the digital health, medical device and telecommunications space.

“Ohad’s proven track record of building value and driving scale at digital health firms, including McKesson Technology Solutions, Change Healthcare, TELUS and Zebra Medical, is tremendously valuable to a fast-growing company like ours,” says Pringle. “His network and knowledge of the U.S. healthcare system will help catalyze our expansion into that market, on the tailwinds of our growing Canadian profile through the GSC partnership.”

About GenXys Health Care Systems

GenXys, with global headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions with embedded pharmacogenetics to solve one of healthcare’s biggest challenges; inappropriate (“trial-and-error”) prescribing. Their clinical decision support software suite is in use by major insurance providers, health systems and pharmacies across North America. Ongoing global clinical studies are paving the way into geographical markets to enable GenXys to realize its vision of powering every prescription with their software to increase patient safety, improve population health and reduce healthcare costs.

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