How to use your collection kit

Let’s get you started with you kit

Step 1

Get familiar with the items in your kit

In your collection kit you will find:
  • Instructions for submitting your sample for genetic testing
  • A swab to collect your sample
  • A specimen bag
  • Identification label
  • Return shipping label affixed to the box

Step 2

Collect your sample

Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions in the video and swab the inside of your mouth using the soft sponge. Remember, 30 minutes before taking your sample rinse your mouth with water and do not eat, drink, smoke, chew gum or brush your teeth

Step 3

Label your sample

Place the collection tube with your sample in the specimen bag including the absorbent material and seal it.
Complete the identification label and adhere the label to the specimen bag.

If you are preparing samples for more than one person, be sure to label all the samples correctly.

Step 4

You’re almost done! Make sure everything is complete

Step 5

Mail your sample to GenXys

After collecting your sample, mail it no more than 2 days later.

Drop the package off at any Canada Post Mail Box. The return box is pre-addressed and pre-paid.

Need help?

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