Leader in precision prescribing ready to expand software and pharmacogenetic test globally after making its mark in Canada

Leader in precision prescribing ready to expand software and pharmacogenetic test globally after making its mark in Canada

GenXys, a precision prescribing software company tackling a $130 billion global problem, has announced plans to expand into new regions to improve patient safety, medication effectiveness and healthcare costs around the globe

Vancouver, August 30, 2018. In response to increased demand for its precision prescribing solutions, GenXys Health Care Systems Inc., the Canadian-based precision prescribing software company, is announcing expansion plans into the USA followed by Asia and Europe. GenXys is on a mission to power every prescription, globally, with its software to reduce the burden of inappropriate prescribing on patient safety, quality of care and health care budgets. The software capable of translating pharmacogenetics helps employers and benefit providers reduce health absenteeism cost while improving productivity.

“We have had positive dialogue with Trade Commissioners at Global Affairs Canada, and look forward to leveraging their worldwide expertise as GenXys enters the exporting phase of our business following unprecedented success in Canada with LifeLabs as our pharmacogenetic testing partner. With adverse drug events being a top 10 cause of death, we are passionate about making a huge positive social impact worldwide and delighted to have the support of the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service.” said Karl Pringle, CEO of GenXys.

GenXys proven precision prescribing solutions have already dramatically changed the lives of its customers. Hundreds of safe and effective medication options have been generated with the well-designed software which enables the use of complex data into everyday prescriptions. “By considering thousands of pieces of information using advanced computational analysis, our unique precision prescribing software helps find the right drug options, tailored precisely for each person, within seconds.” said Dr. Martin Dawes, GenXys CSO and Professor of Family Medicine at UBC.

The company has initiated a number of exciting projects with high potential for commercialization in international markets and the support of Trade Commissioners at Global Affairs Canada plays a pivotal role in GenXys ambitious global expansion plans.

About GenXys

GenXys provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions to solve healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Our precision prescribing software and pharmacogenetic test can prevent adverse drug reactions, a leading cause of death, and personalize drug selection to increase drug efficacy. Powering every prescription globally with our software improves medication safety, increases drug efficacy and reduces healthcare costs.

To learn more about GenXys visit www.genxys.com

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