New TreatGx upgrade: drug-drug interaction checker built right into the precision prescribing software

New TreatGx upgrade: drug-drug interaction checker built right into the precision prescribing software

We are excited to announce the release of the new drug-drug interaction checker built right into the TreatGx software! The checker is powered by DrugBank, a comprehensive drug database containing more than 280,000 drug-drug interactions. The upgrade includes an easier-to-use interface with a predictive drug-entry system and better navigation tools.

Drug-drug interactions are a major contributor to adverse drug reactions, and more up to half of these adverse reactions are preventable. The TreatGx software now identifies all potential interactions with a patient’s current medications in order to allow selection of the safest and most effective medications.

TreatGx has always incorporated contraindicated drug-drug interactions and has taken the step of eliminating drugs from the list of drug options if there is a chance of a dangerous interaction. With this update, TreatGx now also identifies other clinically-relevant interactions that may still result in minor side effects or necessitate more careful monitoring.

In addition to all the other clinical information that TreatGx considers in identifying the safest and most effective medications for each patient, drug-drug interactions are one more piece of the puzzle. With each additional medication a patient is taking, the potential for a significant drug-drug interaction increases exponentially. TreatGx also takes into account drug-gene and drug-condition interactions to personalize each prescription.

We are continuing to develop new conditions and to maintain all other conditions with the most up-to-date guidelines and medications.

Here’s what’s new:

  • New user interface featuring easier-to-read text, stand-out colouring, and improved navigation tools
  • Predictive drug-entry system encompassing all Health Canada-approved drugs (searchable by brand and genetic name)
  • Integrated interaction checker that covers 281,000 drug-drug interactions covering all FDA and Health Canada-approved drugs, sourced from drug labels and references and powered by the DrugBank API
  • Updated Conditions page
  • Updated Medications page which allows users to enter medications under their indication for use (associated condition)
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