The Innovative Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Test Converter

ConvertPGx is a simple, yet sophisticated, converter that can transform PGx report or data into the format used by TreatGx, the leading medication decision support software.

With ConvertPGx, healthcare providers and labs can deliver efficient PGx interpretation at scale, transform their medication decision support capabilities, and grow their business.

ConvertPGx has helped us standardize pharmacogenetic data from multiple genetic labs, paving the way for us to use GenXys’ cutting edge decision support software, TreatGx. Pharmacy Informatics Executive, Leading National Health System

GenXys’ agnostic PGx converter

Transform static PGx data into quality-controlled, discrete interpretation

ConvertPGx takes medication decision support to the next level by transforming existing PGx data into validated digital phenotypes or genotypes to support real-time, automated medication optimization.

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Standardize Data

Standardize reporting on phenotypes and genotypes for ease of interpretation and integration

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Meet Reporting Standards

Use the latest CPIC and other international guidelines to convert PGx genotypes and phenotypes

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Integrate PGx Knowledge

Make PGx digitally usable and reusable by all clinicians across all of your provider sites for multiple conditions

Enhance your medication decision support today

The ultimate win-win: improve health outcomes and the bottom line with ConvertPGx and TreatGx

ConvertPGx + TreatGx

GenXys’ medication management tools are powerful alone—but they’re even better together

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IdentifyPGx enables the identification of the most suitable people for a PGx test. Maximize your investment in precision prescribing through credible participant selection. Objectively.

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TreatGx, the proven and widely-adopted clinical decision support software enables personalized and evidence-based treatment options optimized for every patient. Every time.

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ReviewGx, the all-in-one MTM software that enables care providers to manage all medications in one place including PGx and deprescribing insights. Efficiently.

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ConvertPGx, the next-generation tool to input pharmacogenetic data from any source to enable medication decision support. Scientifically.


Harness the power of pharmacogenomics to deliver more.

GenXys’ suite of medication decision support software can help.