Let’s work together to bring medication decision support to the point of care.

We partner with laboratories that are passionate about driving a higher standard of care with pharmacogenetic information.

Is your laboratory focused on bringing innovative, clinical-grade tests and tools to the people and healthcare providers who need them? 

GenXys’s mission is to make pharmacogenetics (PGx) information part of every prescription choice and accessible to everyone. 

Together, we can automate and digitize the inclusion of PGx information into real-time medication options for healthcare providers and enhance health care with precise treatment options.

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Our Value To You


We can help you shake off the shackles of legacy PGx reports. With our automated system, you can deliver PGx results that customers can act on in real time at the point of care.


We make it easy for you to launch a PGx solution in a short period of time or deliver your current PGx test data to the point of care. Our clinical-grade decision support software makes PGx actionable in real-time. Supported by all the latest guidelines including CPIC, PharmGKB, DPWG and more.


Our interconnected clinical decision support software allows you to connect your lab’s PGx results with your customers. Our solutions enable interoperability across health networks.

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Next Generation of Prescribing

Nextgen prescribing is about including PGx with all the other variables into the medication decision process at the point of care. This increases the accuracy of treatment. The automation and digitization of PGx data into the healthcare workflow provides clinicians with the optimized treatment options from which to choose. 

The days of legacy lengthy PDF reports have been replaced by real-time interactive precision prescribing software. 

Choosing the right solution is the first step:

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IdentifyPGx enables the identification of the most suitable people for a PGx test. Maximize your investment in precision prescribing through credible participant selection. Objectively.

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TreatGx, the proven and widely-adopted clinical decision support software enables personalized and evidence-based treatment options optimized for every patient. Every time.

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ReviewGx, the all-in-one MTM software that enables care providers to manage all medications in one place including PGx and deprescribing insights. Efficiently.

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ConvertPGx, the next-generation tool to input pharmacogenetic data from any source to enable medication decision support. Scientifically.

Why GenXys? 

We listen to our laboratory customers’ needs, challenges, and goals. Our team of scientific and medical experts all with a deep pedigree in pharmacogenetics is there to support you every step of the way. Our goal is simple; to ensure that pharmacogenetics plays an active part in every prescribing choice made, thereby maximizing the value of your investment in our solutions to support your customers. 

Let us do the heavy lifting of pharmacogenetic implementation, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Easy to Use. Trusted. Interoperable.

Designed by clinicians and polished by user experience experts. Our easy to use SaaS-based solutions are hosted in secure Microsoft Azure cloud environments and trusted by industry leaders.

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Support. Education. Engagement.

We offer a wide range of resources to help raise awareness, train your staff and educate your customers on the benefits of precision prescribing and pharmacogenetic inclusion.

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Best of Breed. Award-Winning. NextGen Prescribing.

Supporting and enabling precision medicine with the cornerstone of precision prescribing, which includes pharmacogenetics.

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