On-Demand Webinar: Pharmacogenetics: Identifying Who to Test & When to Intervene With PGx Information

Webinar: Pharmacogenetics Identifying who to test and when to intervene

Recorded on: March 2021

Duration: 55 minutes

Thinking about implementing pharmacogenetics but don’t know how to start?

We will simplify the challenging questions of “Who should get a PGx test?” and “When will clinical intervention be needed?” to ensure that you are confident in implementing a successful PGx program in your organization.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
– How to identify the people and populations who will benefit most from having pharmacogenetic (PGx) test
– How to identify people who will benefit from using their PGx information if a PGx test has already been done
– An innovative real-life example of PGx population selection

Even better: we will introduce you to a solution that automates these approaches—allowing your program to reach its highest potential, fast, without affecting the quality of care.

We hope you enjoy learning!

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Webinar Speakers

Prof. Martin Dawes

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer at GenXys