Prefilled fields within TreatGx – normative data will be completed for new patients

Prefilled fields within TreatGx – normative data will be completed for new patients

Prefilled fields

To lessen the burden of completing all the fields required within a TreatGx condition to generate medication options, most conditions are now prefilled. This allows for easy use. In conditions where medication dosing is not dependant on personalized information, and where medication options are general, fields have been prefilled with “normative data”. For example, the drug history and medical history, in most conditions, will appear as “none of the above”. Where there is no normative data, for example, weight or bipolar stage, the field will not be prefilled and will appear in red.

Where personalized information is required to give safe and effective medication dosing, these fields will appear in red indicating they need to be completed. For example, anticoagulation and diabetic medication doses are calculated using entered data, and no assumptions should be made for these conditions. Therefore, all fields in these TreatGx conditions will appear red when opened for the first time and need to be completed by the user.

Where fields have been prefilled, the print appears in blue on a grey background indicating the field should be checked by the user. If the user approves the field (by clicking the “Create/Update Personalized Rx Options” button) or if the user enters new data into the field, the print will turn black with a blue “+” symbol to the right.

1. A field with default values added appears in blue print on a grey background


2. The print turns black when a value is entered


3. The print in all fields turns black when medication options are generated


4. An example of a condition where values are not prefilled, red print on a red background.

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