“I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health” TreatGx user

“I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health” TreatGx user

We have reached over 250 users in our medication decision support tool, TreatGx! Here is one of our patient stories using personalized medication options with TreatGx.


“Using TreatGxPlus was an amazing experience for me and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health. The results made a huge difference and it was a very smooth operation: I used the kit at home, shipped it and then got the results online. As a researcher, I investigated all the options in both Canada & USA before ordering. I selected TreatGxPlus because it provides the results in a way which I can make sense of, because of its credibility, reputation, connections with a major Canadian Medical Laboratory and because it is Canadian, created by Canadians and with all operations in Canada.

My pharmacogenetic results showed that of my current medications, Citalopram was not a good option for me and that Sertraline was a better alternative to treat my anxiety. After reviewing these results with my doctor, we decided to switch Citalopram to Sertraline. After just a few weeks of making this change in my medications, I started seeing positive results.

My anxiety is under control, I stopped gaining weight, my digestive problems disappeared, and the dizziness & blackouts I was experiencing have stopped. Even my sugar addiction is gone now.

I have recommended this to my family and they have taken the test. We are waiting to see their results because they are also on several medications and may be experiencing side effects similar to those I was suffering.

There is a sense of relief in knowing that the medications which I am taking, now or in the future, are listed as options for me. Both my primary care physician and my pharmacist have included my results in their records for easy access.”


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