Sun Life Selects TreatGx plus As A Pharmacogenomic Solution For Employee Wellness

Sun Life Selects TreatGx plus As A Pharmacogenomic Solution For Employee Wellness

Vancouver, Oct. 16, 2019TreatGx plus is now available under Sun Life Group Benefits Program

TreatGx plus : The Next Generation Precision Prescribing Solution 

GenXys Health Care Systems is proud to share that Sun Life selected TreatGx plus as part of its disability management toolkit for plan sponsors. According to Sun Life, the goal is to help plan members get back to work faster and live healthier lives. The award-winning TreatGx plus solution, a pharmacogenetic test with precision prescribing software, is offered by LifeLabs, Canada’s largest diagnostic and laboratory company, in partnership with GenXys Health Care Systems. 

The precision prescribing software, TreatGx presents over 40,000 different prescription options and models out 250,000 drug interactions through its comprehensive and interactive online medication decision support engine. The cloud-based platform is accessible to patients and their health care providers throughout Canada and the United States.

“Identifying safe and effective medication options for the patient is the goal.” said Dr. Martin Dawes, a Professor of Family Medicine and Chief Scientific Officer of GenXys.” TreatGx enables that process, including the genetic information, all within the workflow of the busy physician to make pharmacogenetics clinically relevant and usable. It is a remarkable solution that is changing how we can help patients recover more quickly.”

LifeLabs has become an innovative leader in providing the best genetic products and services to Canadians. LifeLabs is also a strategic partner of GenXys and Telus in the Canadian Digital Supercluster Precision Health Program as well as supporting all Canadians nationwide in enhancing their healthcare journey.

What’s Next For TreatGx?

The adoption of pharmacogenetic solutions by leading insurance companies such as Sun Life and UnitedHealth Group reaffirms the growing role of genetics in modern-day primary care. With the level of clinical utility and relevance provided by TreatGx, pharmacogenetics can now enable medication decision support at the point of care.  

Whilst the initial Sun Life deployment will focus on mental health conditions and chronic pain, TreatGx covers 35+ conditions where there are high levels of pharmacogenetic evidence and includes all the variables in its proprietary algorithms that set it apart from any other clinical decision support tool. 

While TreatGx is gaining significant momentum in Canada, GenXys is also growing its footprint in the US market. Echoing the recent position statement by the Association of Molecular Pathology, every health-related pharmacogenetic link in TreatGx is supported by the highest levels of clinical evidence. For accuracy and clinical relevance, the solution also includes other variables to enable precise prescription options such as other conditions, concurrent medications, and biophysical data. 

GenXys offers best-in-class pharmacogenetic-based decision support software designed to inform clinical decisions seamlessly at the point of care. The team is actively establishing strong strategic partnerships and is working with large-scale healthcare systems in the United States.

“We are delighted that the inclusion of pharmacogenetics in primary care is becoming a reality on a mass scale, it really is the most applicable and actionable use of genetics for increasing patient safety, improving population health, and reducing the cost of health care,” said Karl Pringle, CEO of GenXys.

About GenXys Health Care Systems Inc. 

GenXys provides the world’s most comprehensive precision prescribing solutions to solve healthcare’s most pressing challenges. Our precision prescribing software and pharmacogenetic solutions can prevent adverse drug reactions, a leading cause of death, and personalized drug selection to increase drug efficacy. Powering every prescription globally with our software improves patient safety, patient experience, and reduces healthcare costs. 

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