An evidence-based platform for precision medication management

From medication reviews to the point of prescribing, GenXys’ cutting-edge medication decision support solutions enable your care team to provide high-quality, evidence-based care at reduced costs.

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A seamless pharmacogenomics deployment

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Medication Management Platform

We provide the technology to power successful pharmacogenomics programs. Our platform can be deployed as a complete solution, from medication reviews to the point of prescribing, or modularly to support existing capabilities.

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Next-Generation Pharmacogenomics

The clinical utility of PGx is significantly enhanced through automated clinical decision support. This means health care providers can make pharmacogenetics-informed medication decisions with precision.

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GenXys for Providers

GenXys has deep expertise in all areas of pharmacogenetics and a commitment to improving prescribing accuracy. We are happy to share our knowledge. Learn how to implement PGx into clinical practice with digital automation.

Delivering high-quality, team-based care with leaders in precision medicine and pharmacogenomics.

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For Health Systems

Launch precision medication management with PGx insights today


Team-based precision medication management that includes PGx

Benefit from tailored clinical applications for automated medication decision support during medication reviews and at the point of prescribing.

Tough implementation challenges solved with automation

Use digital automation to unlock the power of pharmacogenetics. Get safe and effective medication options efficiently based on standardized clinical guidelines.

Standardized decision-making from within your EHR, efficiently

Inform every prescription decision with existing patient data, including PGx data where available.

Improved patient outcomes with precision medication decision support

Add precision medication decision support to help patients get the right medication faster. The results? Improvements in patient safety and reduced costs in the delivery of personalized medicine.


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The new way to manage medications

The Old Way

  • No genetic insights
  • Trial-and-error medication approach
  • Siloed healthcare data
  • Anecdotal medication guidance
  • Limited provider-patient relationship

The GenXys Way

  • Actionable genetic insights
  • Optimized medication options
  • Interoperable with EHRs/EMRs
  • Up to date with the latest evidence
  • Trust-enhancing personalization
  • Coordinated value-based care across the care continuum

For Laboratories

Unlock actionable genetic insights and grow your business


Actionable PGx information delivered to your customers

Deliver PGx results that customers can act on in real time at the point of care.

Innovative, clinical-grade tools that your customers love

Become the easy choice for your customers by adopting cutting-edge precision prescribing functionality today. The lead is yours to take.

Automated PGx information for better outcomes

Add precision medication decision support into your current offering to with efficiency and accuracy for improvements in patient safety and reduced costs in the delivery of personalized medicine.

Fully interoperable commercial off-the-shelf solutions

Extend your platform without having to develop a whole new infrastructure.


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