Get the right medication for you, right from the start with precision prescribing software

Precision prescribing software for the management of your conditions

The mainstream approach to prescribing assumes that all patients are similar but treatments are usually ineffective.
Our precision prescribing software and pharmacogenetic test provide safe, effective medication options tailored for you based on your unique genetic makeup and personal information.


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Our strong partnerships, rigorous scientific approach, and precision prescribing software make us unique

Our Working Partners

THE UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA has licensed the technology.
THE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY SUPERCLUSTER has partnered with GenXys to solve some of the most pressing health challenges.
LIFELABS has partnered with GenXys to offer pharmacogenetic testing in Canada.
TELUS servers in Canada host our system in a secure environment.

Our Approach

Unlike other systems, our precision prescribing software detects interactions between medications, genetics and health information to avoid side effects that could affect your health.
We implement the best clinical evidence.
Our advanced security protocols ensure the protection of your information.
Our work has been published in prestigious peer-reviewed medical journals.