The Leading Clinical Decision Support System For Precision Prescribing

TreatGx is the proven and widely adopted Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) that integrates pharmacogenomic data with a patient’s health record to dynamically identify personalized treatment options within a clinician’s workflow.

Interoperable to the core, TreatGx is easily integrated into EHRs, EMRs, and Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS) to help the whole care team deliver improved quality of care, increased patient safety, and reduced healthcare costs.

I have been waiting for the promise of pharmacogenetics for 15 years! Medical Genetics Leader, major US Health Network

GenXys’ best-in-class medication decision support software

Personalize medication decisions with pharmacogenetic insights

Powered by evidence-based algorithms, TreatGx uses a comprehensive database of the most up-to-date research and guidelines from CPIC, PharmGKB, FDA PGx markers, and others.

With TreatGx in the workflow, providers can quickly and accurately interpret complex medical information to make personalized medication decisions, improving patient health outcomes.

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Consider conditions first, genetics second

Choose personalized medication options based on your diagnosis

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Unlock comprehensive genetic and medication insight

Interpret PGx data, identify safety issues, and provide optimum medication alternatives with automation

patient centered care

Deliver patient-centric care

Engage patients and improve satisfaction by considering what matters most to them

Key Features:

Key Features:

  • PGx included if available, considered if not
  • More than 250,000 drug interactions

Key Features:

  • Side effect sorting
  • All health variables considered

The new way to prescribe

Improve health outcomes and support care team efficiency with precision prescribing

Legacy Prescribing

  • Trial and error medication approach
  • Genetic data on a static PDF
  • Siloed health information
  • Anecdotal medication guidance
  • Limited provider-patient relationship

Precision Prescribing

  • Optimized medication options
  • Dynamic genetic insights
  • CDSS interoperable with EHRs/EMRs
  • Up to date with the latest evidence
  • Trust-enhancing personalization
  • Coordinated value-based care

GenXys’ medication management tools are powerful alone—but they’re even better together

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IdentifyPGx enables the identification of the most suitable people for a PGx test. Maximize your investment in precision prescribing through credible participant selection. Objectively.

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TreatGx, the proven and widely-adopted clinical decision support software enables personalized and evidence-based treatment options optimized for every patient. Every time.

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ReviewGx, the all-in-one MTM software that enables care providers to manage all medications in one place including PGx and deprescribing insights. Efficiently.

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ConvertPGx, the next-generation tool to input pharmacogenetic data from any source to enable medication decision support. Scientifically.


Deliver more. Enhance medication decision support.

GenXys’ suite of medication decision support software can help.