Give the benefit of precision prescribing

An innovative solution to reduced productivity and high medical and pharmacy costs

Chronic diseases account for more than 80% of the overall healthcare costs in the US, with total spending reaching $2.6 trillion. 

Millions of working days are lost annually due to productivity decline related to mental health (50% of absenteeism is due to mental illness), cardiovascular conditions, and pain, costing employers billions of dollars.

Treatments are often ineffective, can cause harm and are increasing healthcare costs. One in four people will experience an Adverse Drug Reaction (ADR) and 50% of prescriptions are ineffective. 

Maximize the return on investment of your health benefits with precision prescribing & pharmacogenetics. Increase workplace productivity whilst improving the lives of your employees 


Increasing medical and pharmacy costs are affecting companies’ bottom lines. Take control of disability, medical, and pharmacy spend by giving the benefit of precise prescribing to your employees.

Maximize the return on investment of your health benefits with precision prescribing and pharmacogenetics.


In this day and age, employees are expecting their coffees to be personalized; why should they expect less from their health care?

Give your employees a health benefit that is current, relevant and innovative to ensure they stay healthy and engaged. 


Adverse drug reactions and ineffective prescriptions are affecting your employees.

Finding the right medication right from the start with precision prescribing allows your employees to make the most of their lives, increasing their productivity and reducing workplace disruption.

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Optimize the return on investment of your company’s employee health programs

GenXys’ precision prescribing solution can generate significant savings for your organization’s bottom line.

Wondering why precision prescribing and pharmacogenetics are causing a stir in employer’s health benefits? Smart companies are sharpening their focus on employee health with a solution tailored to the specific needs of each employee.

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Ready to level up your employee experience and take control of your organization’s health costs?

Give the benefit of precision prescribing.

GenXys works with your team for seamless implementation

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Easy Execution

Simple process from start to implementation.
Our solutions offer unique interfaces for
patients and healthcare professionals with
fast easy to use information.

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Education & Engagement

A wide range of resources to help raise awareness, educate and train each stakeholder on the benefits of precision prescribing.

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Impact data

Aggregated analysis provide insights into how employees, beneficiaries and organizations are benefiting from precision prescribing

Invest in the health of your one number asset with a solution tailored to the specific needs of each employee