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“Dramatic results, I’m below the 2.6 LDL mark after using TreatGxPlus!”

“I have lived with high cholesterol for many years and although I tried many things to get it down nothing seemed to work, not even increasing the dosage of the statin I was taking. The TreatGx software showed that my genetic makeup would make me more responsive to a different statin and after my doctor changed my medication, I saw dramatic improvements in my health within just a few weeks.

My high cholesterol was first diagnosed back in 2005, and since then I started treatment with atorvastatin (Lipitor). Initially, my doctor prescribed 20mg, and within the years my dosage was increased to 80 mg/daily to keep my cholesterol level checked. After a while, even though my physician increased the dose of my medication, my level of LDL kept climbing up. During my most recent annual, my physician suggested that I take the TreatGxPlus test to see if there was a better-suited drug tailored to my genetics and health information. The software showed that I have a genetic variant that alters my metabolism and would make me more responsive to rosuvastatin (Crestor). My physician put me on 40mg rosuvastatin, and after just three weeks of being on the drug, my LDL went down from 4.7 mmol/L to 2.3 mmol/L. My total cholesterol came down from 7.6 mmol/L while I was on atorvastatin to 4.8 mmol/L after I switched to rosuvastatin.

I feel a massive sense of relief now that my cholesterol is under control and feel better than I did ten years ago. I recommend TreatGxPlus to people that are having issues with their medications because it can be a lifesaver. The software makes the results easy to understand, and I was able to discuss with my doctor the best treatment options for me.”

Erkan Akyuz

Helping pharmacists provide better care

“I tend to get distracted and go down the proverbial rabbit hole in search of more and more information, but the Genxys software keeps me focused and safely away from that risk..”


Kimberley Kallio, Pharmacist at Pure Integrative Pharmacy

Helping pharmacists provide better care

“One of the most difficult challenges I face as a community pharmacist is advising patients looking for the next line of therapy when the initial treatment did not work or caused side effects. Finding the best medication for these patients is extremely complicated as many variables affect medication response and we (clinicians) have little information to guide the selection of the next treatment option. In depression for example, a common next step is to switch drug classes usually from SSRIs to SNRIs. If I had access to the patient’s pharmacogenetic information and knew the patient was a rapid metabolizer for CYP2C19, I would be able to suggest other SSRIs that are not metabolized by that enzyme instead of excluding the entire class. This approach provides more targeted options for patients and can guide the prescriber decision-making process.

TreatGx helps me understand why a patient may not respond as expected to treatment while providing personalized alternatives for medication or dose adjustment. This is extremely useful for therapeutic substitutions since TreatGx provides valid reasons for dose or medication changes. The software takes into account not only pharmacogenetics but also drug-drug interactions, lab results and other variables that affect drug response. This is why I recommend TreatGx to my patients and other clinicians, in particular when patients are experiencing side effects, are not responding to their medication, or have complex medication regimes.

With TreatGx, patient information can be shared among physicians, pharmacists and other providers creating a valuable opportunity to enhance patient care and improve workflow efficiency. Pharmacists communicate with physicians’ offices by telephone or fax to clarify prescriptions and obtain additional information which is inefficient and causes delays. TreatGx enables immediate confirmation of the physician’s decision allowing me to dispense the medications promptly for the patient.

Learning to use TreatGx is easy and takes just a couple of hours. My students use it when they are working on patient care plans. These patients are usually taking multiple medications, treating multiple conditions, and have at least one problem with their treatment such as an ineffective medication or adverse reactions. TreatGx can identify drug-related problems within seconds.”

Pharmacist at National Pharmacy Chain

Trusted by leading doctors

“I can provide better care to my patients because I have the most comprehensive precision prescribing software. Precision medicine is not just genomics, the patient’s history and lifestyle must also be taken into account. TreatGx helps me to truly personalize prescriptions based on what the patient needs. After the patient takes the pharmacogenetic test and their medical information is entered, the software shows me the medications that will work for that person. There is so much to consider when prescribing and TreatGx makes it easy.

Instead of wasting time with trial and error, I can engage the patient in the process and select the best medication from them. Having instant access to the latest evidence and guidelines is extremely useful and enables me to see how different factors will influence my patients’ treatment plan. The addition of ADHD and the inclusion of 11,000 medications really rounded out TreatGx’ capability and allow me to offer precision prescribing and medicine to a whole new group of patients. It really is the most comprehensive precision prescribing solution I have ever used.”

Dr. Hyndman, Bryn, MD

Seamless Implementation


“It was the most seamless implementation we have rolled out in our clinic. The software is an amazing resource and easy to use. We keep receiving incredible positive feedback from individuals that have taken the test; it’s a life-changing solution.”

Shirley Clement, Patient Care Manager


Tremendous improvements

“Using TreatGxPlus was an amazing experience for me and I have seen a tremendous improvement in my health. The results made a huge difference and it was a very smooth operation: I used the kit at home, shipped it and then got the results online. As a researcher, I investigated all the options in both Canada & USA before ordering.

I selected TreatGxPlus because it provides the results in a way which I can make sense of, because of its credibility, reputation, connections with a major Canadian Medical Laboratory and because it is Canadian, created by Canadians and with all operations in Canada.

My pharmacogenetic results showed that of my current medications, Citalopram was not a good option for me and that Sertraline was a better alternative to treat my anxiety. After reviewing these results with my doctor, we decided to switch Citalopram to Sertraline. After just a few weeks of making this change in my medications, I started seeing positive results.

My anxiety is under control, I stopped gaining weight, my digestive problems disappeared, and the dizziness & blackouts I was experiencing have stopped. Even my sugar addiction is gone now.

I have recommended this to my family and they have taken the test. We are waiting to see their results because they are also on several medications and may be experiencing side effects similar to those I was suffering.

There is a sense of relief in knowing that the medications which I am taking, now or in the future, are listed as options for me. Both my primary care physician and my pharmacist have included my results in their records for easy access.”


Licensing leading precision prescribing solutions to clinical labs

“Advancements in technology allow us to provide services and information specifically tailored to the unique characteristics of every patient.” says Sue Paish, CEO at LifeLabs. “Partnering with GenXys positions Canada as a leader in personalized medicine and gives Canadians and their healthcare providers more confidence in the effectiveness of their medical treatment, putting less strain on our health care system.”

Source: Globe Newswire