Realize the full potential of pharmacogenetics with precision prescribing software

The only Clinical Decision Support System for precision prescribing

Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) are one of the top 10 causes of death in every western country and constitute a significant burden, generating over $130 billion a year in costs in the US alone. 

Translate pharmacogenetics into easy-to-use options and check for all relevant interactions with precision prescribing software

1 in 4 people will experience an Adverse Drug Reaction

Next Generation of Pharmacogenetics

Struggling with the usability of pharmacogenetics? Precision prescribing software considers not only an individual’s genetic makeup but also a whole set of patient data with the best clinical evidence to predict individuals’ drug response. Much more than a static pdf report.

“I have been waiting for the promise of pharmacogenetics for 15 years!”

Subject Matter Expert at a major US Health Network

TreatGx in your EHR

Imagine real-time clinically actionable precision prescription options through integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Pharmacy Management Systems (PMS). Cerner, Epic, AllScripts, and more.

Integrated information

Access pharmacogenetics actionable results in an interactive platform without the need to review long static pdf reports that are complex to understand. Get real-time updates on the latest evidence on pharmacogenetics and precision prescribing. CPIC, PharmGKb, DPWG, and more.

Increase prescription safety

Increase prescription safety by matching treatments to each patient. Check for multiple interactions simultaneously in real including interactions of genetics, other medications, disease state, and biophysical factors such as kidney, and liver with drug options.

Easy to use

SaaS-based solution hosted in a secure Microsoft Azure cloud environment. Designed by clinicians for clinicians.

Education & Engagement

A wide range of resources to help raise awareness, educate and train each stakeholder on the benefits of precision prescribing.

Impact data

Aggregated analysis provide insights into how patients and providers benefit from precision prescribing

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