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Deliver personalized medication intelligence for healthy members and happy clients

Prescriptions matter. Precision too. Support medication adherence, positive member outcomes, and the bottom line with data-driven prior authorizations and automated medication review.

GenXys’ medication decision support tools enable personalized pharmacy benefits and ensure that pharmacogenetics (PGx) will be used on those members for whom it matters most.

Pharmacogenetics helps us to fully understand the profile of our members and allows us to create customized medication plans for their specific and unique needs Chief Pharmacy Officer at a regional PBM

Health plans want solutions for polypharmacy members now

Lack of access to quality care, complex treatments, and affordability issues are keeping your clients up at night. To tackle these issues the right way, pharmacy benefits and clinical decision-making need to come together to inform every prescription decision.

Don’t get left behind. How are you personalizing medication guidance today?

Help clients get fast ROI with precision medicine. But how?

Prove your value with personalized medication support

Help payers better manage cost, quality, and outcomes through empowered members and pharmacogenetic insights.  

Leverage personalized medication support alongside pharmacy benefits to support real-time medication optimization at the point of care for next-generation pharmacy benefits.

Partner with GenXys to deliver personalized medication intelligence

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From genetic data to smart prescriptions, fast

Save time and money by deploying a proven medication decision support software. Our knowledgebase streamlines PGx data into your platform to enable medication decision support in real-time.

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Save payers from wasteful drug spending

Inappropriate prescribing has a huge impact on drug costs and member health. Trusted by the industry, our solutions are based on the latest research, PGx guidelines from CPIC, PharmGKB, DPWG, the FDA, and clinical guidelines.

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Your polypharmacy members need some extra love

Reduce polychronic patients’ risks of side effects, drug-drug interactions, and increase customer satisfaction with our Medication Therapy Management software.

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Be the PBM that employers trust

Holistic data to software to the triple aim

Drive outcomes for payers and members

Adding precision medication decision support into your plans will add efficiency and accuracy for your members, your pharmacists, and the health plans you serve. Build loyalty and trust with improved member satisfaction and reduced costs in the delivery of personalized medicine.

Leverage data to go further

Support your customers’ every prescription decision using the data they already have. 

Deliver personalized medication guidance

Incorporate automated medication intelligence to deliver evidence-based care.

Maximize your bottom line

Our medication decision support infrastructure helps optimize preferred channels, generics, or mail-order.

Get some love with next-generation precision prescribing

Next-generation prescribing is about automatically including PGx with other health variables into the medication decision process at the point of care.

All our solutions help improve efficiency, the accuracy of treatment, and the transition to digital care models. The automation and digitization of PGx data into the healthcare workflow provides clinicians with the optimized treatment options from which to choose. Together we help healthcare providers make the right point-of-care decisions wherever they are in the health care journey.

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IdentifyPGx enables the identification of the most suitable people for a PGx test. Help your customers maximize their investment in precision prescribing through credible participant selection. Objectively.

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TreatGx, the proven and widely-adopted clinical decision support software enables personalized and evidence-based treatment options optimized for every patient. Every time.

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ReviewGx, the all-in-one MTM software that enables care providers to manage all medications in one place including PGx and deprescribing insights. Efficiently.

Incorporate medication decision support into your pharmacy benefits now

Why choose GenXys as your PGx and medication decision support partner? 

We want your clients to understand your value as much as we do. Our team of scientific and medical experts, all with a deep pedigree in pharmacogenetics and precision prescribing, is there to support you every step of the way. 

Our goal is simple: to optimize and personalize the prescribing choices that are made through digital automation tools and the inclusion of pharmacogenetics in order to increase patient safety, improve population health, and reduce costs. This maximizes the value of your investment in our solutions to support your customers. 

Let us do the heavy lifting of PGx and medication decision support implementation, so you can focus on what you do best.

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Easy to Use. Trusted. Interoperable.

Designed by clinicians and polished by user experience experts. Our easy to use SaaS-based solutions are hosted in secure Microsoft Azure cloud environments and trusted by industry leaders.

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Support. Education. Engagement.

We offer a wide range of resources to help raise awareness, train your staff and educate your customers on the benefits of precision prescribing and pharmacogenetic inclusion.

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Best of Breed. Award-Winning. NextGen Prescribing.

Our best-in-class solutions support and enable precision medicine with the cornerstone of precision prescribing, which includes pharmacogenetics.

Learn how GenXys can help find the best medications for your members with informed prescribing