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How to use TreatGx

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What does TreatGx do?

TreatGx detects potential interactions to avoid unexpected side effects that could affect your health! These include interactions between medications, genetics, medical conditions,  and other health information.

TreatGx combines your genetic profile and health information with the best clinical evidence to detect these interactions and generate personalized treatment options.


How to use TreatGx?

TreatGx starts by considering your condition. After you select a condition, you can enter your medical information using a series of dropdown menus. This information includes your medical history, age, weight, liver and kidney function, as well as current medications. Your genetic information is uploaded to TreatGx after you order online and your sample is processed in the lab.

Your personalized medication options are powered by the cutting edge TreatGx algorithms where your health information and unique genetic profile are combined with the best clinical evidence.